Special editions

The secrets of brewing lie in centuries-old careful craft, precise observation of the brew and a profound understanding of the fascinating process itself that experience only can bring forth. Therefore, it is a particular pleasure for our master brewers to have the chance to create our strictly limited special editions.

Dive in with us into the fascinating world of our crafted special editions!


The complexity of different aromas invites us to enjoy and admire. It is a very special beer experience, when the limited edition of the infiltrated bottom-fermented bock unfolds a touch of vanilla, dark chocolate, oak and rum.

The quite large ratio of wooden Bourbon barrels to beer rounds off the pleasant bock savour. For us, it’s simply a part of Christmas, just as the roast goose, the Christmas tree and the inner contemplation are.


Alcohol content: 5,4%


Gravity: 13,1%


Bitter units: 11


Summer Edition

Grilling at the “Hammer”-Lake, relaxing with friends, soaking up the sun – that is summer at family brewery Jacob and our Summer-Edition is the beer to go with it! Positively hoppy and refreshing. This is our tribute to the most beautiful time of the year at the most beautiful place on earth!


Alkoholgehalt 7,4%


Gravity 17,8%


Bitter units 15