Bottom fermented beers

What do all top breweries and kitchens have in common? They serve any event and any taste with an extraordinary speciality. And despite all the differences, one thing remains irrefutable – premium quality that arises out of love for food and select ingredients.

For many generations, day in, day out, our master brewers have been doing their best to meet this standard. What beer type are you? Have fun exploring and enjoying!

Jacob Old Bavarian Pale Ale

A beer as cheerful as a beautiful summer day in the cornfield: light, but still full-flavoured. Sun, gleaming bright and golden through the chalice and making the powerful crown glow luminously.

The aftertaste of the Jacob Old Bavarian Pale Beer leaves you with a pleasant sensation and a desire for more. 


Alcohol content: 5%


Gravity: 11,8%


Bitter units: 17


Jacob Export

This is the taste of Upper Palatinates: strong, full-bodied, aromatic and genuine.

The splendidly amber coloured Jacob Export guarantees a cosy tavern debate and is an ideal accompaniment to a good dinner.


Alcohol content: 5,3%


Gravity: 12,8%


Bitter units: 19


Jacob Dark Ale

Manifold pleasantly intense malt aromas and the delicate hop bitterness meet to form an old-Bavarian beer experience par excellence. The magnificent dark colour creates a marvellous contrast with the strong light head.

A beer, as splendid as a cosy evening with friends, to enjoy purely or with delicious game dishes. 


Alcohol content: 5,3%


Gravity: 12,8%


Bitter units: 19


Jacob Edel-Pils (Pilsner)

A tender hop blossom and a sweet bitterness distinguish this premium Pils. It goes particularly well with light fish and meat dishes and its composition has been of great value for Pils-connoisseurs for many years.

The handy 0,33-l-bottle makes Jacob Edel-Pils a refreshing party drink for jaded taste buds. 



Alcohol content: 5%


Gravity: 11,9%


Bitter units: 30


Jacob Lime

Take a moment to assure and admire the light refreshment of the lime flavour of Jacob Lemonade blended with Jacob Export, which combine into a truly unique taste sensation.

The strong spice of the beer and the fruity aromas of the lime dance together in sacred movement the freshness-flamenco on your tongue.

Alcohol content: 5,3%


Gravity: 13,1%


Bitter units: 11


Jacob Old Bavarian Pale Ale alcohol-free

After a hard training session our beer restores the minerals and salts the body has lost. Isotonic, bright golden and sparkling with a light aroma of hay and herbs. Refreshing with a fine taste of hops and a lasting sweetness to satisfy any beer drinker. With no compromises.

Alcohol content: 0%


Gravity: 13,1%


Bitter units: 17


Winter beers

For thousands of years, people have been making themselves as comfortable as possible in winter. We think, this season calls for particularly powerful, expressive beers, which sweeten the resting time in front of a crackling fire. By the time you taste all the fine Jacob winter beers, spring will be ahead.

Jacob Winter Gold

In this amber-coloured winter version, the distinctive features of the Jacob Export stand out even more – a beer that turns long winter evenings into pure delight!

The diversity of malt flavours, which flatter the senses with a fine note of hops, wrap body and mind in a wonderful winter dream.

Alcohol content: 5,3%


Gravity: 12,8%


Bitter units: 19



A dense, white froth crowns the strong, dark “Doppelbock” and seals its freshness. Despite its inimitably rich flavour, Jacobator is fine, mild and soft in taste. In earlier days, monks had been enjoying such specialties to endure the period of Lent. The most prominent of whom – Fr. Barnabas, who was no other than Peter Sill’s nephew (anno 1758), who, in turn, was the first brew master of Bodenwöhr. Today, however, we recommend to enjoy the Jacobator with a proper meal.

A “Doppelbock” (bock beer) – delightful and worthwhile!


Alcohol content: 7,5%


Gravity: 18,2%


Bitter units: 23